M&G Garden 2017


James Basson


RHS Gold Medal
Best in Show
Best Contractor

Built by


Taking inspiration from the unique Mediterranean landscape of Malta, the design for the M&G Garden 2017 drew on the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, which acts a microcosm for the planet as a whole.

Malta has made significant inroads into dealing with its ecological challenges, such as scarcity of water, the need to recycle and composting: challenges that we all need to consider to protect the environment.

The garden was structured within a quarry, each with its own ecology, from coastal to woodland. Two imposing monolithic pillars of Maltese limestone formed the centrepiece of the garden, with the remaining space separated into a series of unique microclimates.

M&G’s 2017 Garden won a converted RHS Gold Medal as well as Best in Show, and Best Contractor.